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About Head Over Heels Gymnastics and Circus San Francisco

Head Over Heels Gymnastics and Circus San Francisco started in 2016 from a love of gymnastics. Our program is recreational, non-competitive gymnastics for children and our motto is fun, friends, and fitness! We bring fun and safe gymnastics directly to you. Our fantastic coaches will come to your child's school, daycare, or even your home and teach tumbling, acrobatics, aerial silks, lyra, beam, bars, and trampoline. We also do fun and exciting birthday parties!


At Head Over Heels SF our purpose is to provide enthusiastic, creative gymnastics/motor skill development instruction to develop self-confidence in children by promoting their flexibility, balance, and overall body coordination.


Plain and simple... we love gymnastics!!!

  • Where is your gym located?​

    • ​Everywhere, but also nowhere, because we do not have a brick and mortar gym
    • We are a mobile program that travels to schools, daycares, kid’s facilities, and events around the Bay Area
    • Our other school programs are reserved for current students only

      • If your student is enrolled at any of the following schools, please contact your school or after-school program to sign up for class

        • Presidio Hill School, The Hamlin School, Petrero Kids, Primeros Pasos, Argonne Elementary, George Peabody Elementary, Alamo Elementary, Lafayette Elementary, North Beach Kids, Montessori Children’s House of the West Coast


  • Can I come try a class?

    • Yes! Drop-Ins are Welcome at Destination Art and Enrich Play Learn anytime!


  • What should I wear to class?

    • Comfortable athletic clothing without zippers, snaps, or buttons

    • Bare feet or shoes (socks can be very slippery!)

    • Preschool classes will keep shoes on due to time constraints

    • Long hair should be tied back (we always bring extra hair ties and are happy to help your child to secure their hair)

    • No jewelry

    • No food / gum during class

    • A water bottle is strongly recommended for older kids

  • How long will it take for my kid to make it to the Olympics?​

    • We are a recreational and non-competitive gym that ​focuses on creativity and enjoying the learning process. All classes are taught in a supportive and encouraging environment and meant to challenge every student to their personal best! AND we do Olympic (and other) themed exhibitions where your child can show off their amazing gymnastics skills!


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