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Head Over Heels SF Gymnastics and Circus Coaching Staff

Megan Gallagher

Owner / Director

Megan Williams Gallagher began her gymnastics training from a young age in her parents gym in Birmingham, Alabama. She competed competitively for 13 years making it all the way to level 8. She also coached from a young age for the family business and learned how to teach in a fun and supportive way. Megan loves working with children of all ages. She is a USA Gymnastics Pro Member, background checked, Safety Certified and also has training in dance and circus to give her a creative twist. Come tumble with Megan today!

LeeAnn Dundon

Coach / Assistant Manager

LeeAnn is a full-time student at the Academy of Art studying acting. She did gymnastics and cheer growing up and is currently an active member of an adult cheerleading squad. Originally from Reno, Nevada, LeeAnn came to the Bay Area for school and is very active in her studies and her sorority. Her passion for teaching and tumbling shines when she is around students. And we are thrilled to have her on our Head Over Heels SF team!

Caye McKibben

Coach / Social Media Director

Cayenne (Caye) McKibben is a full-time student at California College of the Arts, studying sound design in film. She grew up overseas in Jakarta, Indonesia making her new to the Bay Area! She trained gymnastics for the last 9 years of her life, making it to level 7, and has now taken up interest in the aerial arts and contortion. Caye loves sharing her passions and interests, and hopes she can get you as excited about the sport as she is! She is also our social media director so follow her inspirational and informative posts on Facebook at and Instagram @headoverheelssf

Michelle Erdle


Michelle grew up training and competing in gymnastics and loved exercise and being in the gym. Though she works in the marketing sector and studies herbalism and holistic medicines, she has always had a passion for teaching and working with children. Which is why coaching gymnastics is such a rewarding experience for her and she specifically enjoys teaching kids who are new to the sport! She is also an avid rock climber, hiker, and yogi!

Madison Glaviano


Madison, aka Maddi, did gymnastics for 13 years and competed for 8 of those years. I also trained ballet and pointe along with gymnastics for the majority of my gymnastics career. I did most of my training in Bend, Oregon at Cascade All Stars. I began coaching when I was just 14 years old while still training in gymnastics and dance,  and haven’t I stopped since! I’ve had the opportunity to coach JO levels 3,4,5 and Xcel Bronze, Silver, and Gold, as well as all types of recreational classes! I am currently a student at Academy of Art University studying photography and continuing my coaching journey with Head over Heels Gymnastics SF!

Amy Vorchheimer


Amy Vorchheimer enjoyed climbing trees at a young age in Upstate New York, North Syracuse. Since she enjoyed climbing so much her parents put her into gymnastics classes so she could safely practice her skills. She enjoyed beam and bars and never got competitive, but always enjoyed gymnastics "just for fun". She later moved from New York to the Bay Area to pursue her education and career in Design. She works designing user interface for technology and enjoys sharing the fun of gymnastics as well. She is pictured with her pup Wolfey.

Tiffany Campbell


Tiffany is a creative and upbeat kid at heart. She is currently studying at the Academy of Art University, obtaining her degree in Acting. Tiffany has been mentoring children for the past 7 years and loves working with them. She is passionate about Improv and has been teaching, learning and preforming for 8 years and hopes to continue for many more. Tiffany did gymnastics as a youngster and it inspired her to be confident in herself, a skill that she hopes to pass on to her students.

Clo Sautai


Clo originally hailed from Palo Alto, but moved to Spain in her adolescence and spent her formative years abroad. She moved back to upstate New York as a high school student and is currently a full time student at California College of the Arts pursuing a degree in industrial design. She did gymnastics for many years growing up and enjoyed her time in the sport very much. She enjoys kids and teaching movement!

Gigi Spilman


Gigi grew up in Utah where she enjoyed a lot of hiking and time outdoors being active. She loves teaching gymnastics because she likes helping people have fun while moving their bodies! She currently attends California College of the Arts where she is majoring in industrial design. 

Do you have gymnastics, cheer, or dance experience? Do you love working with kids? Are you seeking a fun and active career? Then you would be a great candidate to teach for Head Over Heels SF. We are always hiring! Please feel free to Contact for more info!

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